Bus at GTC

Route 32W

Minard Pullout (WEST), West Port on Dakota Dr, Bison Crossing & CJ/PP, Minard Pullout (EAST), Residence Dining Center, Fargodome, University Village, High Rises

Route 32W operates Monday - Friday from 7:25am to 10:21am and from 3:25pm to 6:21pm. Route 32W departs the Minard Pullout (WEST) every 30-minutes during the hours of operation.

Route 32W is currently on detour

Sep. 10, 2017

Due to construction on 12th St. North route 32W will detour as follows. Right onto University drive. Left onto 16th Ave. Left onto 11th St. going back on route.

Route 32W - Timetable