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City of Fargo DBE Goal

The City of Fargo has a DBE goal of 1.25% utilizing a race-neutral program.

City of Moorhead DBE Goal

The City of Moorhead has a DBE goal of .89% utilizing a race-neutral program.

Seeking DBE & SBE Firms to Bid on Federally-Funded Contracts

The Cities of Fargo and Moorhead and MATBUS are seeking Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) to bid on federally-funded products and services. Firms owned and controlled 51% or more by women, minorities or other socially and economically disadvantaged individuals or groups are eligible to apply for DBE certification.

Interested vendors should contact: Shaun Crowell, DBE Coordinator, at MATBUS, 650 23rd Street North, Fargo, ND 58102, via phone at 701.476.5967, or via email at Shaun Crowell, Mobility Manager

Type of contract work available

Parts and maintenance for buses,
Radio repair
Janitorial services
Bulk diesel fuel
Insurance (auto, liability and performance bond)
Consultants (transit planning, drug testing, asbestos removal, marketing research, real estate appraisal, environmental review and remediation)
Snow removal
Driver training
Cleaning supplies
Laundry services
Contractors to operate fixed route and paratransit transportation services
Firms wishing to sell advertising space on the exterior or interior of buses.
Marketing (design, printing, specialty products)
Office supplies
Construction Contractors
General Contractors
Home Improvement
Building Repairs
Structural Steel
Fire Protection
Floor Covering
Tile Setters
Window Treatments
Security systems
Fueling systems
Vehicle washing systems
Interior/exterior Lighting
Office Furniture
Garage Tools and Equipment

Interested in becoming a DBE in North Dakota?

If your organization is interested in becoming a certified DBE in North Dakota, you can apply for certification at ND DOT
On the DBE certification page, you can create an account to start the process.

If you are currently certified in Minnesota you would just need to submit an interstate application using their online system.

If you have any questions, you can contact the DBE Supportive Services Consultant either through the online system or at 701-527-0931.

Interested in becoming a DBE in Minnesota?

If your organization is interested in becoming a certified DBE in Minnesota, you can find the application and more information to apply for certification at MN DOT