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Participate in the Moorhead ADA Transition Plan Survey


Moorhead ADA Transition Plan Americans with Disabilities Act

We want your input about ADA infrastructure in Moorhead. Whether you are a resident of Moorhead, a student in Moorhead, or someone who works in Moorhead but lives elsewhere, your perspective is important to making Moorhead's ADA transition Plan a successful, useful plan and process moving forward.

The purpose of the Moorhead ADA Transition Plan is to research, evaluate and document the City's pedestrian facilities, policies and procedures that relate to the City's public right of way. The City's intersections, sidewalks, trails, parking lots, pedestrian crossings and transit stop facilities will be evaluated.

An important element of this project is to hear from the public about existing barriers to accessibility. MATBUS riders should consider their experiences with bus stops, shelters, and transfer hubs.

This survey and Wikimap will allow you to place location pins on a map and voice your opinion. Your input is valued. Thank you for your participation.

This survey will be open until January 31, 2018 and will also be available in paper form at the GTC.

Click here to take the survey.