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Introducing the new MATPASS!


The MATPASS is a new smartcard that loads all types of fares, including unlimited ride passes and 10-ride cards. Then you can use it just like the smartcards MATBUS has had in the past.

For those who get discount fares, the Special User Card is being replaced with a Rider ID section on the back of the MATPASS. The Rider ID section includes your name and photo for easy identification. The Rider ID is required for all discount fares, but it is also available for those paying adult fare.


What types of fares can I put on the MATPASS?
• 30-day unlimited ride passes
• 14-day unlimited ride passes
• 10-ride passes

How do I get the new MATPASS during Try MATBUS Week?
Stop at the GTC between 7:00am and 7:00pm Monday-Friday, and 8:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday, and look for the table set up in the lobby. You will need to show a photo ID to register your card in the system. If you have a Special User Card, a MATBUS staff member will take your photo for the Rider ID on the back of the MATPASS. If you have a smartcard with time left on it, MATBUS staff can transfer that balance onto your new MATPASS. If you transfer your time, you will need to give up your old pass.

Do I have to switch my smartcard to the MATPASS during Try MATBUS Week?
No, MATBUS will be phasing out the smartcards while they are in stock. Try MATBUS Week is just a convenient time to get your new card, if it fits in your schedule.

What if I have time left on my current smartcard or ticket?
We can transfer any remaining days or rides onto your MATPASS.

What happens if I lose the MATPASS?
Come to the GTC with your photo ID. Then, for a $5.00 replacement fee, dispatchers will cancel the time on the lost card and transfer it to a new MATPASS. This is only valid for unlimited ride fares, and the time will be replaced based on the original purchase date. 10-ride fares cannot be replaced onto a new card.

Do I have to get my photo on the back of the new MATPASS?
That depends. If you want to pay a discounted fare, you will need to have your photo on the back to verify your eligibility. If you pay the standard adult fare, you do not need your photo on the back. It can be helpful if you have more than one MATBUS rider in your house, though! The Rider ID section also allows MATBUS staff to transfer your remaining time to a new card if you lose your MATPASS. Your expiration date is not trackable unless you have a Rider ID.

How do I know how many days or rides I have left on my card?
The expiration date or number of rides left will show on the screen of the farebox with each use.

When does my time start for 30-day passes?
With new cards, the time will start (initialize) on the first day you use it. When you add more time to a card you’re currently using, the next 30-day period will start when your current one ends.