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MATBUS Downtown Hub Relocating for GTC Construction


  • GTC Relocation Bus Lineup - 040420
    GTC Relocation Bus Lineup - 040420

Starting Saturday, April 4, 2020, MATBUS will begin operating its downtown hub at a new temporary location – the former Fargo Cass Public Health building at 401 3rd Ave. N.

The current Ground Transportation Center (502 NP Ave.) will then begin a major construction project. This project will update the building and its parking lot. Jefferson Lines will also move to the new hub location.

Relocating during construction will allow the project to be finished much faster than if operations stayed in the building. The MATBUS downtown hub is expected to return to the GTC by the end of August 2020, with full project completion by October 2020.

The lobby will continue to be closed to the public, due to the pandemic’s social distancing recommendations. Accessible portable toilets will be available for passengers during this time.

Bus Lineup
All buses will line up in sections on the streets surrounding the new building, as shown in the map above. The buses will pull into the spots as they arrive, so the bus order may change each time. The buses will always stay in their section of two to three buses. Make sure you check the bus number before you get on!

You must be on board your bus at departure time, because the buses will leave promptly at their scheduled time. With this lineup, the buses must leave in the order they arrived. They will not be able to wait for late transfers.

MATBUS staff will be outside to help passengers find their correct bus during transfer times. Since you may be crossing a city street to reach your bus, pay close attention to traffic safety – cross at intersections and follow traffic rules.

More Information
For more information and updates, follow MATBUS on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up for Rider Alerts to receive emails, and check back here on the website. MATBUS staff are also available at 701.232.7500.