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MATBUS Route Changes for the George Floyd Rally
FARGO, N.D. (June 6, 2020) – On Friday, June 5th and Saturday, June 6th, MATBUS routes will be rerouted away from Island Park and downtown Fargo due the #ONEFARGO event taking place. This event will increase pedestrian and vehicle traffic throughout the area and in an effort to keep passengers and bystanders safe, MATBUS has detoured all routes around the area.

Fargo Service Changes:
Fargo Routes 13, 14, 15, 17 and 18 will utilize the Holiday Station bus shelter (1st Ave. N and 12th St. N) and West Acres for transfers and Route 16 will only transfer at West Acres. In addition, Route 11 will not be operating, however Route 13 has will travel through section of Route 11 to help accommodate any passengers who need the northern part of the route (Sanford on Broadway and the VA).

Moorhead Service Change:
Moorhead Routes 1, 2 and 4 will begin and end at the shelter on the north side of the Moorhead Center Mall (previously the LinkFM shelter). The timetables will not change; however, expect longer layovers at the LinkFM Shelter.

Shuttle between Fargo-Moorhead:
For passengers wanting to travel into Fargo, there will be a shuttle bus between the Marriott Transfer Hub and the West Acres Transfer Hub. This shuttle will depart at :00 and :30 after every hour. Visit and follow MATBUS on Facebook and Twitter for updates on additional service impacts.

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