Bus at GTC


MATBUS is excited to give you early access to our NEW Live Bus Tracker. This tracker will be replacing the existing bus tracker on April 15, 2019. We wanted to give all passengers a chance to view the new tracker and become familiar with it before making it the default on our app and website. The update includes:

  • Several Map Options - Passengers will now be able to choose from 6 different maps, including a "dark" map for better viewing at night and a satellite view. As passengers zoom in on the different maps, they will now see more building labels, parks, and much more.
  • Direction of Travel - Passengers will now see an arrow in the middle of a tear drop shape showing the direction the bus is traveling on route.
  • Mobile Formatting - The live bus tracker has been updated to show tracking information in the space provided on mobile devices.
  • Schedule - Passengers will be able to use the Schedule feature to see any route schedule during operating hours. By selecting the schedule feature on the top of the page, you can select the route and see when each route operates and scheduled departure times for any time points within the system.
  • Announcements - Passengers will receive real time announcements from dispatchers on vital system information. The announcements tab at the top of the live bus tracker will show any active announcements. Once the passenger looks at this tab, any announcements that have been sent by dispatch will appear and provide more information to passengers in real time.
  • Settings - Passengers will be able to choose their settings for the live bus tracker. This is done using the three dots in the top right corner of the page. Settings offers a "Dark" (which is the default) or a light theme, Balloon or vehicle icons (only balloons shows the arrow with direction of travel), and a show panel toggle switch allowing passengers to toggle on or off the route panel to provide more map space when tracking their route.

MATBUS Live Bus Tracker

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