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The Ground Transportation Center Reopens on Thursday, October 1st



We're happy to announce that bus operations are returning to the newly renovated Ground Transportation Center on Thursday, October 1. All buses will now hub out of the GTC at 502 NP Ave. in Fargo, rather than the temporary location used this summer.

The lobby will once again be open to the public. Our face mask requirement will continue, and all drivers and riders must wear a face covering while in the GTC or on a bus.

The GTC parking lot has been redesigned to allow buses to pull forward when released, rather than backing up. Because of this, parking spots will no longer be assigned by route, and will be filled by buses in the order they arrive. Buses will also release in this order.

All spots will be labeled with the letters "A" through "L," and dispatchers will announce the location of each route as it arrives. Remember to check the displayed route number before boarding your bus!

MATBUS staff will be on hand for the first couple days, to help riders learn this new process and find their bus.

GTC Parking Lot Redesign