LinkFM Hero Image 2020


LinkFM is a free circulator route connecting the downtowns of Fargo and Moorhead.

LinkFM previously operated as a daily route; but as of January 1, 2020, it only operates during designated community-sponsored events. Visit the LinkFM Events page to see which events we will be serving this year.

LinkFM Map

How to Ride

1. Park near one of the bus stops shown on the map. There are 14 in total, including two by the parking ramp at the Moorhead Center Mall.

2. Wait for the bus at one of the stops. There will be a large, pink sign at each bus stop that says "LinkFM Event Bus Stop."

3. Wave to the driver when you see the bus coming. The correct bus will have LinkFM on the digital sign on the front, above the windshield. Once the driver stops, you can board for free.

4. Pull the bell line (the yellow cord along the windows) when you're about a block away from your destination. The driver will stop at a pink bus stop sign to let you off.

5. Enjoy your day!

The bus will make continuous trips on the route throughout the day, but will generally arrive at each stop every 15 minutes. You can use the MATBUS Live Bus Tracker and select LinkFM to see where the bus is in real time. The tracker is also available on the MATBUS app.