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About the Travel Training Workshops

Our goal at MATBUS is to ensure that everyone is able to use the Fixed-Route System safely and efficiently. MATBUS Staff and Drivers will provide hands-on training and assistance with all of your MATBUS questions. As Human Service Professionals, you have the chance to empower your clients with independence throughout the metro area.

• “How to Ride” video
• Trip planning exercises
• Handouts for training
• Access to free 10-ride cards

Travel Training Workshop Dates

2024 Dates
June 13 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Register Now
July 18
August 22
September 19
October 24
December 19

How to enroll

You can register by clicking on the "Register Now" link next to the date of the workshop or call 701.241.8140

Instructor Card

Once you have completed your Travel Trainer training, you will be registered with MATBUS as a Travel Trainer. However, you will not be working for or representing MATBUS. You will be representing your agency when you provide travel instruction. As a Travel Trainer, while providing travel training to clients, simply show your official instructor card to ride for free.

To aid in training clients, you will have access to a 10-ride card for each client you train. This card can be used to practice riding MATBUS. Each client you train will receive one 10-ride card. To request a 10-ride card for a client, simply email your request using the contact form below or call 701.241.8140 When requesting a 10-ride card we will need your name, agency, and client name.


The Travel Trainer Workshop will be held at the Ground Transportation Center located at 502 NP Ave. Fargo, ND 58102.


Parking information will be provided to registered attendees prior to the workshop.

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