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MATBUS Connect

The new and convenient way to pay!

MATBUS Connect is live as of May 4, 2022.

Enjoy greater freedom and security with the Connect Card, Connect Mobile App, and Connect Portal! With these features, you can load money to your account from anywhere, pay on the bus with your smart phone, and protect your funds if your card is lost or stolen.

MATBUS Connect is account based, which means you can load your card or app with any amount you choose, rather than paying for a monthly pass upfront. Your fare is deducted from your account each time you ride, with daily and 31-day payment limits (fare capping).

Visit our Getting Started and Frequently Asked Questions pages for more details!

*** If you qualify for discount fare, you will need to contact the MATBUS Administration Office to be set up in the system. MATBUS staff will verify your status and create your account. Then you can sign up on the Connect Portal or the Connect Mobile App with the email you gave MATBUS staff. You should also choose only one primary method of payment - card OR app - not both. Only one method per account can be coded for discount fare.

Fare Structure

The Connect launch also includes a change to our fare structure. This fare structure was approved by the Fargo City Commission and the Moorhead City Council in November 2021 as part of a public hearing process. For detailed information about those changes, visit our News Post.

The price for a single ride remains the same: $1.50 for adults and $0.75 for elderly, disabled and youth.

Without Connect, the price for a day pass is $5.00. When using Connect (Connect card or mobile app), the daily limit is $3.00. The adult price for a 30-day pass used to be $40.00, and now the 31-day limit is $42.00. The discount price for a 30-day pass used to be $26.00, and now the 31-day limit is $27.00.

What is Fare Capping?

Fare capping is a feature that gives you the best value for your rides. The new Connect system is account based, so a fare is deducted from your account every time you ride. With fare capping, your payments are limited in a daily or 31-day time period. Rather than buying a day pass, you stop paying for rides after spending $3.00 in a day. Rather than buying a 30-day pass, you stop paying for rides after spending $42.00 (adult) or $27.00 (discount) in a 31-day period. The Connect system tracks your spending, so you never overpay.

We recommend that you use either the card OR the mobile app, but not both. Fare capping works best when you only use one method for all of your rides. If you use both the card and the app, you will end up paying more than you need to.

Example (Adult):
1 Day of Riding: 1st ride = $1.50, 2nd ride = $1.50, every additional ride that day = FREE

Days 1 to 14 of Riding at $3.00 per day = $42.00 total, so rides are free for the rest of the 31-day period