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Preparing for Winter Weather

Winter tips and cancellation policies


Winter weather can make travel difficult, so MATBUS has put together some tips to help get you to your destination more smoothly.

Plan for delays – When roads are slippery and/or visibility is low, drivers will need to slow down in order to navigate safely. This means routes may get behind schedule, arriving later than usual to bus stops. If the weather is bad, consider leaving one trip earlier according to the timetable. This will help you connect with transfers and get to your destination on time.

Dress warmly – Remember to wear layers and bring or wear the appropriate accessories for the conditions – hats, scarves, gloves, boots, etc. You may need to wait at the bus stop longer than normal if the weather slows down routes.

Track your bus – Use the live bus tracker on to see when your bus will arrive in real time. This helps you stay inside and warm longer, since you’ll know when to be at the bus stop.

Wait at the safest location -- Once the snow starts falling, bus stop signs can end up buried in a snowbank. If this is the case at your bus stop, wait at the nearest cleared area, such as a sidewalk approach or a driveway. This helps to make sure you're in the safest position to board the bus. Just make sure to wave at the approaching bus so the driver knows you want a ride.

Service Changes

Snow Detour Routes – During or after weather events, MATBUS may need to detour around portions of the route that have become unsafe for travel or filled with snow drifts. Routes that will be affected have their specific detours listed on the Snow Detour Routes page.

Cancellation, Closing Early, Starting Late
If conditions are bad enough to cancel bus service, the public will be notified up to two hours prior to the closing.

Service cancellations may occur for a variety of reasons, including low visibility, snow drifting, icy or unplowed roads, and extreme low temperatures. Low temperatures can affect the diesel fuel needed to operate our buses, so service may be cancelled if the air temperature is below -25 degrees and/or the wind chill is below -30 degrees (Fahrenheit).

The announcement will be made on the MATBUS website, social media (Facebook and Twitter), and the outgoing message for the main phone line – 701.232.7500. MATBUS will also send out a Rider Alert and information for local news outlets.

Helpful Tips
• Keep an eye on weather conditions and MATBUS service changes by listening to KFGO – 790 AM and watching local TV news.

• Sign up for Rider Alerts to receive emails on service changes, detours, and more.

• Have a backup destination in mind, such as a friend or relative’s home, in case of snow detours or cancelled service.

• If the shopping mall, colleges, and interstate highways are closed, there MAY be no bus service.

• Remember that you are responsible for your own safety.