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LinkFM Service to Trollwood's "Singin' in the Rain"

Ride with us for this special service to Bluestem!


The LinkFM event shuttle will be running for the 2023 Trollwood musical, "Singin' in the Rain" at Bluestem, for fast and FREE transportation to the event.

Attendees can park in the Azool Hornbacher's parking lot (in the southwest corner), and the buses will line up in the same area for pickup. Look for the pink LinkFM sign. They will be dropped off at the Bluestem main entrance. The bus will make continuous loops as needed throughout the evening. This route is an extension of Route 5, which stops at the Azool Hornbacher's shelter and connects to the rest of the MATBUS routes at the Marriott transfer hub.

Bus service begins at 7:00pm
Show begins at 8:30pm

Please note that the Trollwood performance will likely end after Route 5 stops running for the night (last pickup is 10:08pm at Hornbacher's shelter). Those who ride MATBUS to Hornbacher's may need to find alternative transportation for their return trip.

July 21-23
July 25-29

For tickets and event information, visit the Trollwood website.