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Summer Ridership Tips

Things to keep in mind during the warm weather


With warm weather and construction season in full swing, MATBUS has some tips to help you make it through the summer.

Plan for Detours – When roads are under construction, detours can begin or end with little notice. Make sure to be checking the detours page for the most up-to-date information about route changes, before you start your trip for the day. Your usual boarding location may have changed, but riders can board/deboard at any safe corner along the detoured portion of the route.

To be notified about detours in advance, sign up for Rider Alerts.

Dress for the Weather – Remember to dress appropriately for the weather. Wear clothes that can keep you cool, and bring appropriate accessories for the conditions – baseball caps, sunglasses, umbrellas, rain jackets, etc.

Track Your Bus – Use the live bus tracker on to see when your bus will arrive in real time. This will help you stay out of the heat for longer periods of time, as you'll know exactly when to be at the bus stop.

Bike and Ride – Go further when you combine your bike travel with MATBUS. Each fixed route vehicle has a rack on the front that holds 2-3 bikes. There are instructions for use printed on each bike rack.

Learn New Routes – Now that it's summer, it is the perfect time to explore new routes in the Fargo-Moorhead area without icy sidewalks. Check out our monthly event guides on Facebook and Twitter to learn which MATBUS routes can take you on your next adventure.

Construction Zones – Construction does not always require a detour, especially if it is happening on a multi-lane road or a sidewalk. Buses will not be able to load or unload riders if there is construction activity in front of the bus stop. If this is the case, remember to not stand in an active construction zone, and instead wait at the nearest clear and safe stop. Make sure to read the Construction and Detour Policy to stay up to date on how to deal with construction when planning your trip.

Helpful Tips

• Bring drinking water in closeable/spill-proof containers to stay hydrated.

• Sign up for Rider Alerts to receive emails on service changes, detours, and more.

• In severe weather conditions, look to the bus driver for further instructions. The driver has training on how to react in a variety of emergency situations, and may give you instructions.

• Remember that excessive heat exposure can be dangerous, and you are responsible for your own safety.