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This newsletter is distributed by mail to MAT Paratransit riders throughout the year. The information below was accurate at the time of distribution, but may have changed in the time since. For the most up-to-date information, visit the MATBUS News page, the main Paratransit page, or our social media - Facebook and Twitter.

A MAT Paratransit Newsletter Winter 2020

Trip Reminder Notifications

The phone and email trip reminder notifications will end on December 31, 2020. The product MAT Paratransit has been using is no longer going to be available. At this time there is no replacement options available. MAT Paratransit riders are encouraged to try out Amble for helping manage their trips.


In an effort to provide greater convenience, our riders can now book, cancel, and manage trips online or through the Amble mobile app.
MAT Paratransit riders can schedule or review their rides anytime through Amble.

For more information, please contact MAT Paratransit at 701-235-4464 extension 2.

Masks Required

Masks are required on all MATBUS vehicles. This includes both fixed route and MAT Paratransit services. Masks (or other face coverings) must be worn while you are riding the bus, as well as when you are waiting at a bus stop or hub near other passengers.

Riders must bring their own face coverings. Acceptable face coverings can include masks, bandanas, neck gaiters, scarves, and face shields. Face coverings must be worn properly by covering both nose and mouth.

There are no exceptions on MAT Paratransit. If a rider has a cognitive disability, then a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) will be required to ride with them to ensure the mask remains on during the trip.

Children who are 5 years old and under will not be required to wear a mask, and masks are not recommended for children under 2 years old.

Passengers who do not follow this policy may be denied service, or asked to leave the MATBUS vehicle or facility.

Fare Collection Suspension

Fare collection suspension has been extended until at least March 31, 2021.

This includes Fixed Route and MAT Paratransit. We will provide at least two weeks’ notice before resuming fare collection.

Important Reminders

Trip Denial
The driver may refuse to give you a ride at locations that are unsafe for either the passenger, driver or vehicle, including areas not cleared of snow.

Be On Your Best Behavior
Passengers who are disorderly or threatening to the driver or other passengers, including those under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be denied a ride.

Personal Care Attendant (PCA)
The Paratransit rider is responsible for bringing their own PCA. MAT Paratransit does not provide a PCA or aide on the vehicle with the driver. The driver’s primary responsibilities are to safely secure the passenger and drive the vehicle.

Bags and Packages
If requested, the driver will assist with either two grocery size bags or one small collapsible cart. The driver will not bring packages past the first door of the building. Space for packages is limited. The packages must be carried in one trip and the packages must be safely secured while on the vehicle. Guests and PCAs are expected to assist the passenger.

Winter Weather

Keep A Clear Path!
It is the responsibility of the passenger to maintain a clear path to their door so that the driver can provide door through door service. Please keep sidewalks and ramps clear of snow.

Reminder: Drivers will not shovel a path at any time.

In Case Of Inclement Weather
Service may be canceled during a major snow event. Please listen to KFGO 790 AM for weather related announcements. You can also sign up to receive Rider Alerts and view weather related announcements at

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