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This page lists all current detours on the fixed route system. To see detours that have been planned, but not yet started, visit the Upcoming Detours Page.

Jun. 15, 2024

Route 14:

Due to the closure of the 42nd St. S bridge between 19th Ave S & 23rd Ave S, Route 14 will be detoured beginning June 10. The closure is expected to last 60 days.

Outbound Detour: Route 14 will turn west onto 23rd Ave S, north onto 45th St. S, east on 17th Ave S, back on route.

Inbound Detour: Reverse of outbound.

Due to the closure of the intersection of NP Ave & 8th St. N, Route 14 will be detoured beginning June 10, 2024, until Fall 2024.

NP Ave detour: Route 14 will continue north on 10th St. N, turn east onto 1st Ave N, then turn south onto 5th St. N.

Riders can request pick-up or drop-off at any safe intersection along the route detour path. When waiting to board, be sure to wave to the approaching bus to get the attention of the driver. Grey bus stops cannot be serviced during this detour. Detours are subject to change, check the website before each trip.