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Route 4

GTC, US Bank, 14th St. N/10th Ave, Clay County Courthouse, Churches United, Walmart, Cash Wise, 4th Ave. N/24th St., 20th St. N/7th Ave.,Moorhead Manor, DMV, Riverview High Rise, Moorhead Center Mall, Parkview Terrace

*** Temporary Timetables Below. This change will be in effect until further notice. ***

Route 4 operates Monday - Friday from 6:16am to 10:16pm and Saturdays from 7:16am to 8:16pm. Route 4 departs the GTC every 30 minutes until its last departure at 9:45pm on weekdays and 7:45pm on Saturdays.

Route 04 is currently on detour

Jul. 15, 2024

Beginning Monday June 15, there will be an additional update to the Route 4 detours. Due to work on the railroad at 7th St & 1st Ave N, Route 4 will need to take 8th St in bound to the GTC between 1st Ave & Center Ave. This detour is expected to last 1 week.

Riders can request pick-up or drop-off at any safe intersection along the route detour path. When waiting to board, be sure to wave to the approaching bus to get the attention of the driver. Grey bus stops cannot be serviced during this detour.

Still active detours:

Beginning Friday April 5, there will be an update to the Route 4 detour due to the construction at the old Fairmont Creamery area.

Route 4 will NOT be traveling by the River View Heights shelter. It will continue on 9th Street to 1st Ave. River View Heights residents can catch the bus at the corner of 9th Street and 2nd Ave N.

The 11th St Underpass Project will begin March 25, 2024. This project is slated to last for approximately 2.5 years. Phase One will affect Route 4 and will eventually affect Route 2 in the future. Riders, please be aware that the project will potentially have many detour changes. MATBUS will try to get out information as soon as it is available to us.

Phase One will close down 1st Ave between 9th St and 12th St. See the map below for the detour specifics.

Route 04 - Timetable