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Route 13

GTC, Klai Hall, R. H. Barry Hall, Roosevelt Elementary, NDSU Transit Hub, Northport Hornbacher's, Trollwood Village, NDSCS - Fargo, Sanford Health Athletic Complex, Family Fare, People Ready, Renaissance Hall

*** Temporary Timetables Below. This change will be in effect until further notice. ***

Route 13 operates Monday - Friday from 6:15am to 10:10pm and Saturdays from 7:15am to 8:10pm.

Fargodome Post-Event Detours - If University Dr. N is closed at 19th Ave N after a Fargodome event, Route 13 will detour along the yellow path. Bus stops and Shelters on University Dr. N between 19th Ave N & 15th Ave N cannot be serviced during the road closure. Riders can request pick-up or drop-off at any safe location along the detour route. Please check the Fargodome event schedule before you ride if you plan to use bus stops near the Fargodome.

Route 13 - Map

Route 13 - Timetable