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Route 9

Dilworth Walmart, Cash Wise, Horizon School, Vista Center for Education, Sanford Medical Center, Menard's, Career Academy, Casey's General Store, AXIS Clinicals

*** Temporary Timetables Below. This change will be in effect until further notice. ***

Route 9 operates Monday - Friday from 7:10am to 5:40pm and does not operate on Saturdays. Route 9 departs the Dilworth Walmart every 60 minutes until its last departure at 5:10pm.

Route 9 will enter the Vista Center parking lot to serve the door Monday - Friday from 8:30am to 12:30pm. Outside of these days and hours, riders can request door accessibility by calling 701.232.7500 option #1 to arrange pickup. Riders wishing to be dropped off at the door can simply notify the driver when they board the bus.

Route 09 - Map

Route 09 - Timetable